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Ahlatcı Holding

Ahlatcı Holding is the pride of Anatolia since 1984 with its annual business volume of 127 billion TL, its investment in employment and technology, its success in production and export.

34 Companies
127 Billion TL annual turnover
3250 Employers
1.042 Billion TL capital
6 Activities in 6 sectors
26 Export to 26 countries
1.3 Billion USD export volume
3.2 Billion TL asset volume

We Are Buidling The Future

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Operating with 34 companies in jewelry, finance, energy, health, automotive, and real estate sectors, Ahlatcı Holding has an export network that reaches out to 26 countries.

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Acting in the light of integrity and honesty in all business processes, Ahlatcı Holding establishes a relationship based on honesty with its employees and all stakeholders.

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Human Resources

Ahlatcı Holding is managed by a strong human resources approach, with over 3,000 employees in 34 different companies.

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